LIR Services

Looking to obtain your own internet resources or transfer in your own IPv4 prefixes? Witine is a RIPE NCC member and LIR (Local Internet Registry). We're able to sponsor you to allow you to hold new and existing internet resources.

ASN Registration

.../calendar year*


IPv6 PA /44 Prefix

.../calendar year*

/44 Prefix
Provider Aggregatable

IPv6 PI Prefix

.../calendar year*

Minimum /48 Prefix
Provider Independent
Subject to Justification

Other Resource Sponsorships

IPv4/IPv6 IXP assignments
Legacy resources
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* In line with the RIPE billing scheme, LIR services are billed by calendar year, from 1st January to 31st December of each year. The full year's fee is payable irrespective of the date of subscription of service(s).