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Plan vCPU Core(s) ECC RAM NVMe SSD Storage Bandwidth Price
A1 1 1GB 20GB 1TB    /month Purchase
A2 1 2GB 40GB 2TB    /month Purchase
A4 2 4GB 60GB 4TB    /month Purchase
A6 3 6GB 80GB 6TB    /month Purchase
A8 4 8GB 100GB 8TB    /month Purchase
A10 5 10GB 120GB 10TB    /month Purchase
C2 2 2GB 40GB 2TB    /month Purchase
C4 4 4GB 60GB 4TB    /month Purchase
C6 6 6GB 80GB 6TB    /month Purchase
C8 8 8GB 100GB 8TB    /month Purchase
S1 1 1GB 40GB 2TB    /month Purchase
S2 1 2GB 60GB 4TB    /month Purchase
S4 2 4GB 80GB 6TB    /month Purchase
S6 3 6GB 100GB 8TB    /month Purchase


Our virtual machines are exclusively powered by AMD EPYC™ processors. The platform delivers exceptional performance for cloud workloads and includes cutting-edge security features that help you protect sensitive data.

Premium NVMe SSD

We use premium NVMe solid-state drives in RAID-1 configuration to maximise the performance while maintaining data integrity.

High-speed Network

All of our virtual machines have access to shared 1Gbps ports as standard. All machines with more than 5TB bandwidth have access to shared 2.5Gbps ports. Our machines are hosted at a carrier-neutral London facility.

Human Support

Our VPS may be unmanaged (meaning that you are ultimately responsible for managing the server and its software), but we have your back with our friendly support team.

Environmentally Conscious

We recognise the impact of internet service providers such as ourselves on the environment. We are committed to minimising our environmental impact by using a carbon neutral data centre and selecting energy efficient components.

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